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One of our main sources of income is from ongoing donations from everyday people just like you!

For every dollar we collect, we're able to maximize our bag making through the use of purchasing in bundles in conjunction with physical donations of items on our list that we need.

One of the ways that we raise funding is through our membership. What is the membership and what does it entail?

Corporate Blessing Bag Memberships

A Corporate sponsorship with us is a wonderful way to help a local non-profit such as ourselves PLUS getting your own brand out to thousands in the community too!

By showing the Roanoke Community that your business supports ud, it help's drive traffic and more awareness to what your business is doing in the process!

Corporate Sponsors include:

  • A banner advertisement on our web portal page 
  • Sponsorship in the annual bingo fundraiser (held each fall) along with all the advertising materials
  • 5 bags each month with your corporate name sponsoring the bags
  • Blessing Bag decal for your car or business 
  • One month Facebook pinned post (top of our pages) with your web link and information
  • Your brand on the monthly newsletter
  • Your donation is tax deductible 
Corporate sponsorship's are a simple $500 annually rate.  For those wanting to give more than $500, contact us

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