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Blessing Bags is expending our services to provide help on an international level. Starting in the late summer of 2018, we are teaming up with Phil Calhoun, a local of Roanoke, Virginia. Over the last 3 years Phil has done long term missions work in the Iraq area to help the Yazidi's with food, shelter, medical needs and anything that he can be a blessing to.

As part of this new partnership that we are providing, Phil will be able to continue to serve in the area helping children, families and elderly with many items that you and I take for granted.

Things that Phil is working on in these regions of Iraq include:

  • Basic Medical Needs
  • Clean Water
  • Heating via Kerosene 
  • Clothing
  • Basic Hygiene needs
  • Building schools and teaching basic English
We ask for your financial support with Phil living over in Iraq and the Middle East. We will be planning to send small cargo containers in that region too with donated supplies as we start to grow within that area. 

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