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About Us

The Blessing Bag Program is a small 501c3 (EIN: 82-2171108) non-profit public charity that provides basic health needs to families and orphan children in the Middle East, through the generosity of donors.

We currently work with other organizations and churches in 24 states to help raise capital for our missions and humanitarian aids that work in the Middle East. 

The Blessing Bag Program started out in 2016 here in our small, beautiful city, Roanoke, Virginia

In 2017 we received our 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization.  Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

For every dollar raised, 100% of it goes into the Blessing bag program in the form of items, advertising or related fundraising for the program.
We have become a member of GuideStar, an organization that oversees and validates non-profit organizations in the United States. Check out our profile by clicking here.

Our organization is run part- time as everyone is a volunteer and there are no paid people. 

    Our Officers / Board Members

    Director & Founder | Joshua S. Gabrielson

    Joshua founded the program in 2016. He fully funded the program for 14 months until May 2017 when he decided to turn to the public to see if they could help. 

    The program quickly took ground and Joshua decided to turn it into a 501c3 nonprofit with the IRS. Joshua is a Web Developer at Roanoke College, is the owner of Wedding Photography and Films and runs the Blessing Bag Program in his spare time.

    Joshua takes a $0 annual salary and completely volunteers his time for the program.

    Humanitarian Services Director | Phil Calhoun

    Phil is a humanitarian who spends most of his time in Iraq. He joined Blessing Bags in 2018 and he continues to help others in the Middle East. From helping children with medical needs or the basics such as shoes and socks, to helping families weather the cold and providing food, Phil is a one-of-a-kind true blessing to the people around him.

    Our non-profit will be helping to support Phil and his efforts there.

    Phil takes a $0 annual salary and completely volunteers his time for the program.

    Grant Writer | TBD

    We're looking for a grant writer!  If you have some mad skills to write grants and would like to help us in this volunteer position, please drop us an email and let us know. While we don't provide a salary, we do offer a small percentage return on all grants approved for the Blessing Bag Program. This is the only position that offers any sort of compensation for your time. MUST be able to write grants and have a proven record of successful approved grants. 100% remote position, work from home in your spare time, Less than 10 hours a week.  

    Members at Large | Thomas Peacemaker & Schuyler van Tine

    Both Thomas and Schuyler are college students and members at large here at the BBP. They are here to help the organization as needed and they both attended Roanoke College as students. They have been a great resource for helping to make bags, hand out brochures, meet with the homeless and needy right here in SWVA.

    Both gentlemen take a $0 salary in helping the program grow.

    We meet once every other month to talk about our current funding, any issues that need to be addressed and take care of any business related issues that we need to address.

    No one takes any sort of pay check, including board members or the director, this is 100% volunteer only.

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