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Sunday, February 3

A Little Girl with Kidney Failure Gets Some Help

Phil met a family with a little girl named Hamdya. She had been going to the doctors for some time and they found out that her kidneys have been failing her.

The family asked Phil to see what he could do in order to help Hamdya and so Phil stepped in and started seeking different doctors in the country that would help. Below are some of Phils messages about her condition.

Can't begin to tell you what it does for me to see this Angel smiling again. Doctor said her condition is stable ( kidneys are functioning at 13%) still needs transplant.
She said she didn't have any pain tonight!!!!
Thank you all so much for your prays, please continue.

Phil sent me pictures of her lab results and ultrasound of the abdomen. So it appears that she has severe Hydronephrosis (enlargement of the kidneys due to fluids backing up into them) along with a possible infection.

I was most concerned about her BUN and Creatnine levels, which evaluate the kidneys ability to clear toxins. Both of these levels were very high, which means that her kidneys are not working well at all. She was given a prescription for antibiotics, but I have not heard when she will be able to see the specialist. 

Asking for prayers for Hamdiya again. She was sent home from the Hospital Tuesday evening, the Doctors said there is nothing more they can do for her. She needs a kidney transplant.
This morning my translator called me and said that Hamdiya was unable to stop vomiting and her neighbor took her to the Hospital. 

We are currently at the hospital with her, I was able to contact a kidney Specialist and he is going to come see us at 4:00 today, praying that something can be done to relieve her pain.

Terri Truitt daughter Kristian D'Ana Kazim Truitt was able to contact a politician in Germany that is willing to help us get a medical Visa for Hamdiya. He is coming to our location next week to assess the situation. 

The cost is great but we are trusting God to meet all of our needs.

Your financial donations help girls such as Hamdiya with a better chance of getting the help that they need. 100% of your tax deductible donations goes directly to Phil and his ongoing work that he does there. Please consider giving a gift to help his efforts in Iraq. 


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