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Friday, July 20, 2018

Help Keep Blessing Bags Going with Your Gift

$885 of $3,560 raised (24% Complete)

Immediate Needs at Blessing Bags

Each year, our small 501c(3) non profit helps thousands of homeless, poverty stricken families, seniors and those that simply need hygiene basics.

While we raise thousands in cash donations and many donated items and even with our backlog of volunteers  willing to help, we still need capital to keep us going.

Every year we put on a small fundraiser to help with operational needs that we have. Without this support, it makes it almost impossible to help with the following.

  • Ongoing Hygiene Items
  • Bags
  • Postcards
  • Postage for shipping bags
  • Fuel Costs and Truck Maintenance 
  • Paid Grant Writers
We are asking that you help make a personal difference at the Blessing Bag Program as we continue to grow and helps those much less fortunate that you or I. 

I would personally ask that you make a gift of any amount in order to help keep our program going. Any financial gift helps keep our program running and without it, we would not be able to help those in need in the United States and Abroad.
- Joshua Gabrielson
Director of Blessing Bags

We have an immediate need of $3,650 is needed to cover some much needed domestic shipping expenses, getting our totes filled with Blessing Bags to the West Coast. We also need items such as bags themselves, soap, conditioner and toothbrushes. ($1,150)

Also, we are looking to apply for a federal grant in which we need to hire a grant writer to write the federal grant which could help fund us for the next 3 years. ($1,500)

We have a mini cargo container but have to cover the shipping costs, sending medical supplies and Blessing Bags to our missionary in Iraq. ($1,000)

You can also mail a check if you wish, make your check payable to Blessing Bag Program and mail to us at BBP 6261 Nell Circle, Roanoke, VA 24019.

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Make a Tax Deductible Gift Today

Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags ,but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy. Joshua runs the program in his spare time when not working fulltime.

Blessing Bag Program
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