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Saturday, January 20

Blessing Bags

If you're reading this article, then most likely you Googled Blessing Bags.

While our small nonprofit is leading the way nationally in creating and distributing bags with the help of churches and organizations across the United States, we wanted to provide you some information about how to go about making your own blessing bag and the in's and out's of what it's all about.

What to Put in a Blessing Bag

First of all, you will want to figure out what to put inside a blessing bag, figure out whats the point of the bag to begin with. Some churches will create bags mainly to provide food, others will use it to provide workable hygiene items, some will provide both.

If you're going to put in food, try to think about the storage of the food item. Something like a can of soup is great but without an can opener, bowl, spoon and something to warm it with, it's kind of pointless. The same goes for candy, it could melt if the conditions are right and that's not something someone wants to deal with.

Try to find foods that are easy to hold onto and that can last a while. Slim Jim's, peanut butter crackers, foil packs of tuna and granola bars are great examples of food items you might want to put into your bags.

If you're thinking about hygiene rather than food, think about things that make sense. Toothbrushes, soap, hand wipes, eye drops, vitamins, combs, things like that. The items can vary from season to season and location too, someone in Florida doesn't really need gloves but they might need sunscreen instead.

Some people will also place information sheets on their church or a list of organizations within their area that can help with other things like housing, food, clothes or ministries to help get them out of their current situation. 

Check out our list of items that we put into the bags on a regular with our Blessing Bag Checklist.

How large a typical Blessing Bag is when handing them out

Most Blessing Bags are going to be about a quart size, I  have seen some other non profits operate using gallon sized Ziploc bags or custom made bags but my general rule of thumb is to use a quart sized bag.

It really depends on what items you are looking to put into your bags, cost also has an overall factor too, using travel sized items seems to work best because alot of people will collect them at hotels or resorts, hold onto them and then donate them to us in order to use. After-all, those travel sized items are free for the most part. 

Whom to give Blessing Bags Too

Your target demographic is pretty important and will give you a good indication on what to place inside your bags. If you're wanting to provide to homeless people, small bags with travel sized items is pretty ideal while bags for families or seniors might require larger bags filled with items for those demographics. Families for example might need larger bags for items like tissues and shampoos, seniors might need larger bags for various items too.

Here at Blessing Bags we focus on three key demographics, our homeless, families living below the poverty level and seniors.

We have seen people make bags for children, minorities, groups like vets and those in the VA as well.

Cost of Blessing Bags

Bags that you create can cost a lot or hardly nothing at all. If your a community driven organization like us, then you rely on others for donations, cash or physical items for the bags. Even with donations, we still have items that are often overlooked or things that we need, fuel to make deliveries, a small amount for administration, postcards, items that are not donated like Q-tips, hand warmers, wipes, feminine products and even some snacks.

If you're an organization like us, cost can run from $2.50-$4 per bag depending on how many items you put into them. On the other hand Ive seen people spend $10 or more on a bag filled with the same type of items, it really depends on how many bags you're making, how long you plan to do it for and how much support, if any, you have on the back end.

To give you a general idea, the cost to make one of our bags filled with 8-10 items is approximately $2.59 per bag.

Purchase a Blessing Bag

You also have another option and that's to purchase a blessing bag from a nonprofit like us. We work with many churches that purchase our bags in bulk, at cost. These churches become blessing bag distribution points for our bags, becoming a hub if you will for locals that are in need of one.

The great thing about having a church purchase our bags is two fold. Because of our buying power we can keep the costs far below than others that want to create bags every once and while and second, it shows the local community that the church or organization is wanting to help their friends and neighbors in the process.

If you ant to purchase a bag or two use this link, if you want to learn more about becoming a distribution point for our bags or need MORE THAN two bags, click here.

We offer bags at cost plus shipping through USPS.

Finally Friends

If you can please do us a simple favor and click on the ad below, it would be a GREAT Help here. By clicking the ad you are putting just a few cents into our Blessing Bag Account. On average we collect roughly $20 a month in ad revenue which is enough for us to make an additional 8 bags a month.

That's 8 people that get help each month that otherwise we wouldn't be able to do and THATS THANKS to you!

Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags ,but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy. Joshua runs the program in his spare time when not working fulltime.

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