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Wednesday, November 22

The Power of Your Business Giving to NonProfits

Hey, I get it.

As a former business owner, your goal is to maximize your bottom line and make as much as you can with your business. When I owned a video production company I had to come up with some pretty smart ways in order to help maximize my money.

Let me give you an example.

When I would meet with a client, say a bride and groom for a wedding film, I used to offer packages at flat rates. Sure, my wedding packages we're great, I had a service that people loved, wedding films that literally had a waiting list, BUT I wasn't making alot of profit.

Then it dawned on me. 

I'm literally giving away a BUNCH of things in my package and I'm capping a rate on it (with a few odd ball extras like extra DVD's and that sort of thing).

Well, I went back to the drawing board and I had to rethink my entire approach here. Why was I offering a package? Well, that's simple, to give my clients a great deal on what I did. But was I after value or quality.

Quality for sure. I was one of the best videographers in the region, complete with nearly $100,000 worth of top of the line 4K video equipment that local TV stations would often drool over.

So after doing some research in other industries like food, healthcare and even the auto industry, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks!

A la carte. 

Yes, being able to pick apart your services to offer a complete thing, a service or product, maximizes your business profits. Let me explain...

When you purchase a new car, they give you the ability to have different options. You want that truck in 4WD, sure its an extra $3,000. Oh you want the sunroof or that special edition with bigger rims, maybe those air conditioned seats, yeah that'll cost extra.

The same thing applies in small business. Oh you want a new computer, but you want extra RAM or a monitor, yup,that's added cost.

Why give it away when you can maximize on it? Sure, there are always reasons to have a bundled or packaged deal, but I've found that by singling out each service and showing WHY those services are important, you'll be able to easily help increase your prices and make more profit.

Single items can be rated a bit higher, 10-15% more than what you would include them in a bundle.

TRUST me friends, you'll be seeing more dollars in your pockets if you do it that way!

The BEST WAY to Minimize those Pesky Taxes

OK listen, I run and operate a small non-profit organization and the HARDEST thing about running one is keeping it going. That means you often times have to ask for a handout, from people, the government and yes businesses too.

More times than none- I get the cold shoulder.

I completely understand it, why would I just toss money to a non-profit like Blessing Bags?

That's a great question and the answer is two fold!

Perhaps the number one reason is the advertising.

When your business gives to a non-profit, TALK ABOUT IT! Its FREE Advertising!

Let your customers and clients know that your company, no matter how large or small is being involved with a localized organization that's helping the community.

People tend to feel better about shopping at a place where they support an organization that is making a real difference in the area they live.

It's a great way to freely market your support and it's putting your brand behind something in the
community. When you do that, it shows people that your business cares and your NOT just there to take their money.

Second, and often times overlooked, your company can get a write off on it's taxes!!

Yup, when you donate and get a tax receipt,  your organization is able to get a write-off. This helps especially if you're paying a large sum in taxes each year to good old Uncle Sam. 

Think about it.

If you're paying a large amount, say $40,000 in taxes and you donate $4,000 to Blessing Bags, suddenly you're getting a $4,000 tax break and that amount you owe becomes more like $34,400 because the tax break. Now this is just an example but giving is a powerful tool that can help your bottom line when it comes to increasing business.

When I was a business owner I would give to the United Way and my video production company would be given some freebie advertising, shout-outs and social media plugs. It actually helped my work and would ultimately help get me more business with doing their TV spots and other organizations like 4H wanted me to produce their films.

When you Give You Make a Difference in the Community!

When your business gives, it's not just money out the door. For every $2.59 donated to the BBP, you're helping to create a bag and that bag, filled with items for the homeless and needy is something that they will use and appreciate and over time, people will start to see what what your company is doing IS making a difference!!

I encourage you to make an online donation to help support us. Our annual budget this year is just $13,000. While that's not much to most, it's a BIG deal to us here and that could honestly make a
HUGE impact to those within the community!

You're helping a family get some hygiene products!

You're helping a senior citizen get eye drops, tissues and a word puzzle

You're helping a small child get a new toothbrush and toothpaste

You're helping the homeless woman wash her hair, use deodorant and brush her hair for that job interview

You're giving hope to a homeless man get out of poverty in showing that someone cares!

Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags ,but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy. Joshua runs the program in his spare time when not working fulltime.

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