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Saturday, November 4

Get Your Tax Deductions

Did you know that when you make a donation of monetary value with the Blessing Bag Program, you can receive a tax deduction?

When you make a donation, you’ll receive a receipt from us. Hang on to this receipt – at the end of the year, you can claim a tax deduction for value that you donated.

Receipts are available upon request for donations of cash, check (Made Payable to: Blessing Bag Program), PayPal.

You can use our online giving portal to make a donation, you can mail us a check to Blessing Bag Program 6261 Nell Cr Roanoke VA 24019 or you can contact us to make arrangements to make a PayPal payment to our organization.

Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags ,but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy. Joshua runs the program in his spare time when not working fulltime.

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