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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Children's Christmas Blessing Bags

Updated 12/20/2017 7:53 am 

Thank YOU for helping in this Years Christmas4Kids! Because of YOUR generosity, many kids this year will get gifts under their tree and without your help they would awoke to literally nothing. 

You can still donate below for those that want to help with our other Blessing Bag Programs. Every dollar donated goes to helping our homeless, families in extreme poverty, senior citizens in need and single parents with small children

While our 2017 Christmas4Kids is over, we STILL have a HUGE need for our 2018 budget next year!

Donate here ---> Secure Donation Portal 
(100% of money donated in our secure portal page goes to us) 

Terms and Conditions: 

Parents must live within Southwestern Virginia and be able to make arrangements to collect items at our drop off locations. We encourage you to share the Blessing Bag website, it's various programs with others on social media, however blind soliciting will not be tolerated and should we find that you are using our brand to blindly ask others for direct help, we will have to remove your child from the list. Also, those that are trying to scam us will be sadly disappointed, as all barcodes on toys have been removed or voided and items have been stamped with our brand. This is so you can't return an item to any store front. This is a first come, first serve program and we are happy to offer our Christmas4Kids program, however there are several others that also have asked to be placed on the this. Delivery of items will take place on Saturday,  12-23-2017 at one of 6 drop off points in Roanoke, Christiansburg, Floyd, Rocky Mount, Martinsville, Bedford. You will be contacted via email to make arrangements for the 22nd and 23rd. If you are missing your delivery instructions please contact us and we will email you a new copy. 

Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy here in Southwestern Virginia.

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