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Sunday, July 16

Becoming a National Program

It's one thing to become a local charity and it's another to do it on a national scale. The Blessing Bag Program started with an idea to help those in need in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. With that in mind I started to fund this little act of service each month myself, buying items that homeless might need but otherwise the local shelters didn't always provide.

From that, I started asking others to help pitch in and I started a Go Fund Me page to help raise $1,200, enough to keep the little program going for a year here in my area. So far, we've raised roughly $700 of the $1200+ needed as of the time of this writing.

I've also done a great job of not just going out into the community and making these bags and handing them out, but I've also gained the attention of a few national corporations that would like to help.

These sponsors would like to help infuse the program into a national non-profit, helping three various types of people, homeless and needy, families with children and senior citizens.

I'm truly excited that I can not just help the community but that others are starting to take notice and want to help too!

I'm currently working on finishing the new website here and setting up the donation form on PayPal and other various technical things that I need to accomplish here like all the legal stuff that goes along with a non-profit (ugh that takes time apparently)

Please take a poke around the website, it's not fully finished yet but Im working on it when Im not rocking my full time job.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here at questions@blessingbag.net and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks so MUCH for taking the time to visit the website!

God Bless~


Is the director of the Blessing Bag Program which started in 2016. From personally funding the program to becoming a small non-profit, Joshua not only oversee's the making of the bags ,but works with others in the community to make sure they get into the hands of the homeless and needy. Joshua runs the program in his spare time when not working fulltime.

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